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Are you ready to lose your double chin — without surgery?

Nothing affects your appearance quite like a bulge of fat under your chin. It makes you look older and distorts your facial structure, so you appear heavy even when the rest of your face and body are slim.

Now, women and men can permanently eliminate their double chin with SculpSure® body sculpting, a laser treatment that’s safe and painless, and doesn’t use needles.

The SculpSure treatment is quick enough to fit into your lunch break, and there’s no downtime needed — you can treat your double chin and get back to your everyday activities right away.

Can you have a double chin if you’re not overweight?

Yes! Although gaining weight is one of the top reasons for developing a layer of fat under your chin, age and genetics also play a role.

As you age, skin loosens, and the natural layer of fat everyone has under their skin sags, which can result in a double chin.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure involves cutting-edge laser technology with a proven reputation for getting rid of persistent pockets of unwanted body fat found in love handles, bra bulges, and in the belly.

The SculpSure system comes with a specialized attachment that fits comfortably under your face, where it targets the fat cells in your double chin.

How does SculpSure eliminate a double chin?

The laser gently heats fat cells without harming your skin. SculpSure uses a wavelength that’s only absorbed by fat cells, not your skin. As fat sucks in laser energy, they’re heated to a precise temperature that breaks them down.

What happens to the fat in your double chin?

Fat cells don’t die in a sudden burst of activity that you’ll notice or feel. They slowly but surely break down over the course of many weeks. Then, your body removes the cellular waste and, when the process is finished, the treated cells are gone for good

How many SculpSure treatments will you need?

Most patients need one to three treatments, but the number depends on the amount of fat under your chin and your ultimate goal. One session only takes 25 minutes. During that time, you may lose up to 24% of the treated fat.

When will you see results?

It takes several weeks for fat cells to finish breaking down and for your body to clear them away. You should begin to see results in about six weeks. You can look forward to optimal results in 12 weeks.

Will your results look natural?

The gradual process of fat cell destruction and elimination offers a significant advantage: The change in your appearance takes place slowly and looks completely natural. If you don’t tell anyone you used SculpSure, they’ll think you’ve lost weight and look great!

You’ll also lose fat equally throughout the treatment area, so the entire contour of your neck and chin changes to fit your face naturally.

Is it time to permanently eliminate your double chin?

Noninvasive SculpSure treatment for double chins are available for women and men. It’s also cleared to be used on patients with a body mass index (BMI) of up to 43, so you can take care of your double chin while continuing to work on the rest of your body.

Isn’t it time you considered losing your double chin? Call Dr. Shore Dermatology or contact FrontDesk@DrShoreDermatology.com for any inquiries or to schedule a consultation.


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